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About SHPEhackerz


Explore the Digital World

SHPEhackerz goes in depth into the world of computer science. We aim to learn and understand the development of digital products such as apps, websites, software programs, API's, and much more. 

Learn and Develop With Us

The LEADhackerz team is constantly researching cool topics that anyone can learn and apply. We teach necessary CS skills in a fun way, that also will help build your resume. 


Step Outside of What You Know

In today's world, coding is becoming an important skill to have; regardless of your engineering discipline. SHPEhackerz helps teach these essential skills to those who aren't CS focused. Having these skills sets you apart from the rest of the engineers that never took the time to develop CS skills.

SHPEhackerz Discord

Communicate between the the rest of the hackerz! Our GitHub is available to all, housing all projects. Get in contact with the LEADhackerz for CS help (CSCE 1030 CSCE 1040 and up).

All appropriate conversations are welcome.

The Projects tab contains all future, current and past projects. Projects may be private while the LEADhackerz are developing the content necessary to teach rest of the hackerz. Once the projects have been developed and presented, it will be released to the public here.

The languages tab contains resources on all sorts of programming languages. Whenever looking for references, presentations, or general knowledge on programming languages; check out the languages tab.

Join our voice chat to talk to the rest of the hackerz or LEADhackerz. We could hold meetings, study sessions, or chill in the voice channel.




Click on the flyer to watch a Discord tutorial

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