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- Covid Update -


Due to Covid-19 SHPE UNT will now operate on virtual platforms. We continue to carry on the Mission & Vision of what SHPE is about, and what it means to be a part of SHPE. ​We will continue to host meetings, workshops, study sessions, projects, and socials virtually. Staying connected has never been easier thanks to the SHPE UNT website which is compatible on both mobile and pc platforms; also available in app form.

- Covid Update -

Study Sessions

Due to Covid-19 SHPE UNT will now be hosting study sessions on Discord. Online learning is not for everyone, because of this we encourage all and especially those who struggle with virtual learning to attend our study sessions. We have people from all sorts of studies and backgrounds, there is always someone there to help. It is important that even in these tough times we stick together academically and stay a part physically!

Study Sessions

- Covid Update -


Due to Covid-19 there won't be any physical tours until it is safe to do so. (That's not anytime soon either). Nonetheless we will still have outreach events virtually through Zoom. Although we won't be able to visit places and meet professionals in person, we are still granted plenty of opportunities to do so in virtually hosted meetings.

Meetings & Workshops

Just like previously mentioned meetings and workshops can no longer be held in person and will also take place on Zoom. Typically meetings served as a great way to socialize with the members and officers over some food and a presentation. Although we cannot provide food to you virtually, we are finding ways to keep you all active during these meetings and workshops.


- Covid Update -


This year's convention will offer MORE - more access, more content, and more opportunities! There will be eleven days of cutting-edge content presented on a highly sophisticated meeting platform that allows for face-to-face interviews and algorithm-based networking. For the first time ever, attendees can participate in competitions and go to the sessions and go to all of the special events. Also, for the first time ever, attendees will have access to the content for an entire year. Your chance at a dream career = priceless.  -SHPE National

On the same SHPE

- Covid Update -

On the same SHPE

The rest of the boards of SHPE will also be following suit with virtual events, projects, meetings, etc.

We will continue to carry on the Mission & Vision of what SHPE is about, and what it means to be a part of SHPE.

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