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Regional Conferences

Become a Part of The Bigger Picture of SHPE

Regional conferences are the best way of getting closer to your SHPE Familia. The complete trip is full of making  many memories and friends. The regional conference also allows you to meet other SHPE members from the region expanding your connections, friends, etc.  

Meeting  Professionals & Networking

There are many professionals that go to these conferences  providing workshops, professional tips and tricks, and advice that can be applied to your every day life. These conferences are also full of plenty of networking opportunities. 

Jobs & Internships

Job fairs are held at these conferences for people seeking jobs and or internships. Regardless of landing a job or not, it is important to exercise your interviewing skills with the recruiters at the job fair.

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National Conferences

The Biggest SHPE Experience

The national conferences are HUGE. Thousands of SHPE members from all over the nation come to the national conference for major networking, leadership learning, job opportunities and more.

Meeting  Professionals & Networking

The national conference brings together hundreds of recruiters, professionals, and employers into the same room. The possibilities for networking truly are limitless. This is your chance to stand out from the rest and make connections that could determine your future.

Jobs & Internships

Hundreds of positions are available at the national conference. Everything from full time high paying jobs, to starter level positions and even internships are available. Most importantly, employers keep track of where people apply from, applying through the SHPE conference sometimes can put you ahead of those who apply regularly. 

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